November 23, 2005

11.21.05-- Film Festival

Presently, I'm seated in a beautiful theater. Though the seats were obviously re-done in the 1970's, the theater itself was constructed probably during the Renaissance. Beside the general floor seating, there are 4 rows of surround balconies, and each level, as well as the ceiling, has gold and blue detailing throughout. Though it is now a movie theater, I can imagine the Ducale once sitting in the balcony watching a play. I am here for the second day of the week-long International Short Film Festival of Venice. So far, only 5 other people appear to be interested in this festival, but, then, I think that's what they should expect at 2 PM on a Monday! The most interesting part has been the appearance of a TV Newscaster (I think she is...) and her cameraman. He took video footage of all of us waiting around to go in, so I might be on tv!! *** The films have been very interesting. The first was German and was the story of old friends and forgiveness. Next was a very existential piece that I enjoyed attempting to break down. Called the Road to Nirvana, I think it was about drugs and trying to get into heaven but not being able to while on drugs. But, it was ALL symbolism, and that kind of wacky stuff, so I could be way off... After a few more interesting shorts, there was then a documentary about an African Village that is short on water. These poor people have so many struggles. It really puts things in perspective, as I shop like it's nothing. It makes me so grateful for what I have and ache to help them all. They don't even have enough water! And, now, there is a debate about how to fix the problem; the solution would cost more than half the people can afford, making things worse. In all, the festival was enlightening, enjoyable and entertaining. An excellent way to spend the day. Though I believe I was the only English Speaker there, all but one of the films had English subtitles, so I understood them all. It was a mix of flimsy from Italy, Germany, Russia, England, Africa, US and Argentina. A few of the Italian filmmakers were even there, and they spoke about their films. I didn't understand much of what they said, though one kept saying how important it was that they made this film (about the electrocution of 1000 residents of a mental institution.) It was really neat. *** My final Venetian activity was an experience. Certainly I have heard about Italian Gelato, but I didn't really believe all the hype. Quite frankly, I am an ice cream connoisseur. So, I didn't really expect the gelato to be all that exciting. More than that, it was too cold for ice cream. But, oh, how I was mistaken! Each bite caused my taste buds to pop and cry out for more, more of the truly delicious treat! I only wished I'd thought to begin my quest for the perfect gelato, which I have now undertaken as my mission, three days earlier.

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