January 28, 2008

And So It Begins...

Class starts in 6 minutes.  I really enjoyed the break; it was relaxing, I got to read lots of books, etc.  
Today I am taking a class called Business Writing for Managers.  I'm really looking forward to it.  It's the type of class and skill set that I enjoy.
Tomorrow I have a class called Data and Decision Modeling. Basically, Statistics.  YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!  I am NOT looking forward to it at all.  But, on the bright side, I wasn't excited about my Managing Operations and Costs class last semester, and I ended up enjoying it.  Andrew has that class tonight.  I'm curious to hear his thoughts...
So, Copper's holding down the fort for the next few hours.  I gave her a list of chores-- clean the house, do some ironing, and, if she has time, I'd like her to bake a batch of cookies for me.  I'm guessing she'll forget and be a regular teenager.  We'll come home and she'll be lazing on the couch...

January 27, 2008

Po'-hegan $un

Yesterday, we all went down to Mohegan Sun to celebrate Keith's 28th Birthday.  Here are the highlights:
  • Everyone lost money.  In fact, I lost money before I even started to play!!  I put my money in a machine to get change, and it ate my money!!  Seriously, only I could figure out how to lose without even gambling!!
  • Maryanne left her ID at the hotel.  Apparently the laws are WAY strict in Connecticut and it was really a pain to get drinks WITH an ID.  Poor Maryanne was not able to get drinks!
  • Andy and Keith got into an argument with a waitress because they ordered drinks, she asked for their IDs, they gave them to her, then she WALKED AWAY!!!  With their IDs!!!  Andy chased her down and she told them they could only have drinks if they signed these stupid forms that state they're 21.  Okay, question: isn't that what an ID does??
  • I went home super early.  Can't shake this jet lag.  But, everyone had a really great time and at least I've now officially been to a casino.  I don't think I'll do it again.  I'd have the same ROI if I gave my money to someone on the street, except that they might actually need the funds and then I'd at least feel better about myself!!
Andy and Keith having fun

He's so cute!

Jeff (Keith's bro) and Lindsey

Me with Maryanne-- commemorating the fact that I already lost my money and Maryanne can't drink.  We have such good luck...

The Newlyweds!

Truth be told?  I'd prefer to be lucky in life, as it seems I am, that at the casino.  But, then again, maybe I'm just saying that since I lost money!!

A Star Is Born...

Pretty girl!

My family!

We "Nose" You're There, Copper!

Isn't she pretty??

January 25, 2008

Here's to Heath

Hi everyone,

I know that the whole world is mourning the loss of Heath Ledger, and
I also know that this is the 4th death that I've posted on this blog
since December 27th.

But, I do want to mention that Heath was a talented actor and one
with a great deal of promise. Certainly, I encourage you all to
watch Brokeback Mountain if you have not yet done so. I know, I
know, if you're a guy you feel weird about it. But, guys, it's a
FANTASTIC film and Heath's role was incredibly touching. He took
what could have been a pathetic, wasted role and turned it into
something touching, conflicted and strong. A man struggling between
society and personal desire. Incredible...

My thoughts are with his family, Michelle, and, of course, Matilda Rose.



January 24, 2008

BOYCOTT American Airlines

Okay folks, here's the story:
Jen and I have both attempted to work with American Airlines to rectify the situation of our terrible flight down.  Neither of us have had any success.  It's now been almost 3 weeks since our problems began.
Until we have a clear resolution to this problem, I say we all BOYCOTT AMERICAN AIRLINES!!
Yes, it may look like American has the least expensive option for a flight.  However, when you add up the cost of the food, clothes, taxis and extras you'll have to purchase because AMERICAN WILL SCREW UP, it'll cost you much more!!

January 23, 2008


So, after work I had to run up to Babson today to pick up my books.  
When I arrived, all the parking spaces were filled, and the 10 minute parking was also full.  But, there are all sorts of driveways around the bookstore, so I followed the lead of my fellow Babo students and parked in one of the driveways.
After spending $300 on books for the semester, I came out to find "Tony," the security guard, placing a ticket on my car.  Only my car, not the other Babo cars.  And, not just ANY ticket, but a $50.00 ticket!!!!  SERIOUSLY????
Apparently, the particular driveway I chose is supposedly for Fire Trucks.  Now, I'm a big fan of fire safety.  In fact, ironically, the fire alarm went off today in one of my offices!  But, if you don't mark the Fire Lane, you post no signs preventing stopping in that lane, and you don't provide ample parking for your students, nay CUSTOMERS, what do you expect?
And, since $50.00 is half a pair of shoes, I decided to contest the ticket!  I marched over to Public Safety (okay, drove over, but when you drive a Jeep, it kinda looks like you're marching, right??) and filled out a form right then and there.  No point in wasting this anger, right?
I explained how terrified of fire I am.  I discussed how I realize I'm not perfect (Yeah, right, me NOT perfect??  But, it sells better if you pretend you have flaws!!)  And, finally, I explained how I promise to attempt to follow the rules more closely.  Then I tried to bargain for a "warning" and no fine.  
I'll keep you posted on whether Babo is reasonable or just money-hungry!!

January 22, 2008

Reality: Best Left to TV!!

Ok, so yesterday was MLK day, so most offices weren't open.  That means that today was my first day back to reality.
Here's my conclusion:  The Real World TV show is much more interesting than The Real World for Life...
It was fun to see a bunch of my offices-- didn't get to MGH today, but I promise I'll get there with Hot Chocolate soon!!!!
Let's just discuss the fact, though, that there's a big difference between sitting in the sun and in a classroom virtually doing nothing, and driving around in the yucky, grey, snowy weather attempting to encourage my clients to consider the benefits of Rozerem and Provigil...
So, I've come to this conclusion:  It's time to vote me off the island-- I want to go back to Fantasy Land!!!

January 21, 2008

Jetted and Lagging

So, I'm back.  The trip was WONDERFUL!  I learned a lot, made some great friends, and got a tan. 
The last two days, though, were just as great!!  Copper was almost as excited to see me as I was her!  I missed her SO much!!  Yesterday, I gave her a spa day-- brushed her, cut her hair (she was looking like a hippie with all that extra straggly hair!!), and gave her a bath.  She is a new woman now!
Of course, it was WONDERFUL to see  Andrew!!  I missed him so much, but I will be honest-- we spoke at least once a day every day (I LOVE Skype!) so I didn't feel as if I'd been away from him for as long as I'd been apart from Copper.  He understands, I think!
I slept a LOT this weekend!  I didn't expect Jet Lag, since it was only 2 hours ahead in Chile. But, man am I tired!! I need Provigil!!
I'm trying to catch up on work and life today.  But, I just wanted to let ya'll know that I'm going to be keeping the blog open.  Might as well, right?  

January 20, 2008

Standing Up Straight

A couple of pics were taken in vertical form.  Took me a while to figure out how to stand them up...


Thursday was Rob's birthday!! We sang to him at the Vineyard, but I
didn't get this pic up in time.

Happy Birthday Rob!!

Speaking of fashion Faux Pas...

What NOT to Wear...

As a self-proclaimed Fashionista, I CANNOT believe I had to wear this

Karma Rocks!!

I'm convinced there IS a higher power. These seats, normally
business class, were sold as coach. FUN trip from Miami to Boston!!


After our horrible trip down on a series of small, poorly run
American Airlines planes, I was SUPER psyched to take a LAN Chile
flight from Santiago to Miami. It was AWESOME!!

Waitin' for our Flights

We had to check out of the hotel, but had no where to go till 11
PM!! Tim and I watched the Office and then a bunch of us hung out in
one of the two rooms that was still a Babson room for the night.

The Highest Peak in South America

Here's a close up of the highest peak in South America.

A Miner's View

The very distant mountain is the highest peak in South America. It's
actually in Argentina; that's how high up we were!!

Feeling Very Small...