January 27, 2008

Po'-hegan $un

Yesterday, we all went down to Mohegan Sun to celebrate Keith's 28th Birthday.  Here are the highlights:
  • Everyone lost money.  In fact, I lost money before I even started to play!!  I put my money in a machine to get change, and it ate my money!!  Seriously, only I could figure out how to lose without even gambling!!
  • Maryanne left her ID at the hotel.  Apparently the laws are WAY strict in Connecticut and it was really a pain to get drinks WITH an ID.  Poor Maryanne was not able to get drinks!
  • Andy and Keith got into an argument with a waitress because they ordered drinks, she asked for their IDs, they gave them to her, then she WALKED AWAY!!!  With their IDs!!!  Andy chased her down and she told them they could only have drinks if they signed these stupid forms that state they're 21.  Okay, question: isn't that what an ID does??
  • I went home super early.  Can't shake this jet lag.  But, everyone had a really great time and at least I've now officially been to a casino.  I don't think I'll do it again.  I'd have the same ROI if I gave my money to someone on the street, except that they might actually need the funds and then I'd at least feel better about myself!!
Andy and Keith having fun

He's so cute!

Jeff (Keith's bro) and Lindsey

Me with Maryanne-- commemorating the fact that I already lost my money and Maryanne can't drink.  We have such good luck...

The Newlyweds!

Truth be told?  I'd prefer to be lucky in life, as it seems I am, that at the casino.  But, then again, maybe I'm just saying that since I lost money!!

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Maryanne said...

What Kaelyn forgot to mention is that she was kind enough to smuggle drinks for me all night, so I wasn't the ONLY person sans alcohol in the group! :)

Aren't those newlyweds so cute!?!?!