January 25, 2008

Here's to Heath

Hi everyone,

I know that the whole world is mourning the loss of Heath Ledger, and
I also know that this is the 4th death that I've posted on this blog
since December 27th.

But, I do want to mention that Heath was a talented actor and one
with a great deal of promise. Certainly, I encourage you all to
watch Brokeback Mountain if you have not yet done so. I know, I
know, if you're a guy you feel weird about it. But, guys, it's a
FANTASTIC film and Heath's role was incredibly touching. He took
what could have been a pathetic, wasted role and turned it into
something touching, conflicted and strong. A man struggling between
society and personal desire. Incredible...

My thoughts are with his family, Michelle, and, of course, Matilda Rose.



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