January 23, 2008


So, after work I had to run up to Babson today to pick up my books.  
When I arrived, all the parking spaces were filled, and the 10 minute parking was also full.  But, there are all sorts of driveways around the bookstore, so I followed the lead of my fellow Babo students and parked in one of the driveways.
After spending $300 on books for the semester, I came out to find "Tony," the security guard, placing a ticket on my car.  Only my car, not the other Babo cars.  And, not just ANY ticket, but a $50.00 ticket!!!!  SERIOUSLY????
Apparently, the particular driveway I chose is supposedly for Fire Trucks.  Now, I'm a big fan of fire safety.  In fact, ironically, the fire alarm went off today in one of my offices!  But, if you don't mark the Fire Lane, you post no signs preventing stopping in that lane, and you don't provide ample parking for your students, nay CUSTOMERS, what do you expect?
And, since $50.00 is half a pair of shoes, I decided to contest the ticket!  I marched over to Public Safety (okay, drove over, but when you drive a Jeep, it kinda looks like you're marching, right??) and filled out a form right then and there.  No point in wasting this anger, right?
I explained how terrified of fire I am.  I discussed how I realize I'm not perfect (Yeah, right, me NOT perfect??  But, it sells better if you pretend you have flaws!!)  And, finally, I explained how I promise to attempt to follow the rules more closely.  Then I tried to bargain for a "warning" and no fine.  
I'll keep you posted on whether Babo is reasonable or just money-hungry!!

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