November 26, 2005

Introduction to My Italian Vacation

Each year, when I travel for Thanksgiving, I purchase a journal. Part of the experience of travelling alone is the ability to document where I am both in the world and in my life for future recall. This year, I have decided to post my journal entries so that others can experience Italy, if not for themselves, then at least through my eyes.
I don't profess to be a great writer. But, I love reading about the experiences of others abroad, and I wanted to share it with you all. Just keep in mind, you're not getting Seymore Hirsch here... You will not be reading my whole journal. I wouldn't do that to you!! Let's face it, no one wants to hear about the Joy that is Prada, or how I fell in love with all things Valentino. I'll spare you my ode to Gelato, as well. The journal is also my private thoughts, and you won't have access to those as well. (I know you're disappointed.) However, everything else you read will be unedited. I have chosen to reprint the journal in its original form (save the exceptions above) because editing it would change the sense of it.

1 comment:

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