January 14, 2008

GO PATS!!!!!!!

Last night, the entire group (minus Pam and Brian, whom we definitely missed!) crammed into a dark, smoke-filled room at a Mexican restaurant to catch the Pats game.
The TV was probably older than I am.  It was a "big screen" but I'm pretty sure my grandma had the same one!  I suppose that most of us are spoiled with HD, but the screen was awful!!  The screen was horribly dysfunctional; Nick compared it to having cataracts.  We couldn't even see the ball!!  We had to wait until the officials signaled a catch, touchdown, or holding.  
But, the Pats rocked, 31-20!  We had a blast, AND I got to have Bellinis!!  (Much butter now that I know that Chileans say Durazno and not Melacoton for peach!!)
Colts-Chargers today.  I'm pulling for the Chargers; Peyton needs more time to go pimp himself out for any product that shows him any money!
Wilfork Rocks!!!

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