January 18, 2008

New Posts

So, below are a BUNCH of pics.  Here's what's happened since Wednesday afternoon
  • Wednesday night we had a Wrap Up Party.  Pedro's band played for us, and we were all out together, which hasn't really happened yet.
  • FYI, the pic with me flanked by two men, one who is kissing my cheek-- those are the owners of the bar.  They're Irish.
  • Thursday we went to the Vineyard owned by the Luksic group.  Mr. Luksic donated a building to Babson and is the wealthiest man in Chile.
  • Thursday night we went to a lovely Italian place for dinner.  EXCELLENT food!
  • Today, we went to the Copper Mine.  It was pretty cool.
Now, we're hanging out before we head to the airport.  I'll post more WHEN I GET HOME!!  :)

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