January 09, 2008

Professor Pedro

We have a couple of people associated with our program now.  But the dude that basically runs it is Pedro.  He received his PhD at BU, his son is currently an exchange student at Brookline High, and he speaks beautiful English. 
Pedro and Jeff (our Prof from Babson)
He's in his mid-fifties and has a lined face. Like most people here, he is very tan and it is clear that he exercises outside often.  He's actually run the Boston Marathon twice.  His hair is salt-and-peppered, and his eyes are relatively small.  
My favorite thing about Pedro is the fact that he looks like he's perpetually smiling.  He has dimples and they are so ingrained in his face that he always looks happy.  His eyes, because they're small, also look like they're squinting in that way that people do when they're smiling.
It's a nice experience; it makes the classroom seem pleasant and fun!

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