January 07, 2008

Trying to see the good...

I'll be honest, it does suck that we missed the group tour, the freedom to unpack and get to know the city before classes begin, and, really, our only free day in Santiago. But, it has also been a chance to bond with my classmates, to see how I hold up when wearing the same clothes two days in a row (I brought a toothbrush and contact stuff, as well as fresh underwear, so I'm not as bad off as my friends) and to get to speak to Andrew (and COPPER) for an extra day. He was so great-- I called him at 1 PM last night to fill him in. He immediately got on the phone with American Airlines to see what he could do on his end. I'm so lucky!! (You can all stop gagging now! I'm done with the sappy stuff!) So it's not how we PLANNED to spend our Sunday. But, at least we were in warm Miami and not in cold Boston, right? And, really, after 2 weeks of 90 degree weather, I'm sure I'll be glad that I missed a day. (Okay, that's a blatant lie, but I'm trying to see the good here, so forgive me!)

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