January 09, 2008

Learn. Relax. Love.

I'm reading Eat. Pray. Love.  I resisted at first because it's SO popular.  But, Sum, you were right, it's AWESOME!
My story would be different than hers, though.  She absorbed the Italian culture through food.  I'm absorbing the Chilean culture through studying and observing.  
Me being a huge dork in class.  I am SO not having a good hair day!
In India, Elizabeth Gilbert prayed to enhance her soul/spirit.  I'm working on the spirit by attempting to relax.  (Like meditation is an ongoing process, learning to relax is a major effort for me!)  
Me pretending to relax.  Could I BE more pale?
I do have one thing in common with Elizabeth Gilbert, though.  Love.  But, not here in Chile.  With each day, I'm falling MORE in love with Andrew!  (Cheesy, I know!)  His constant support, both via his e-mails and by helping yell at American Airlines, his desire to make Copper as happy as possible while I'm gone, and his persona in general just make me realize how lucky I am to have him in my life!
Andrew and I at Keith and Maryanne's Wedding.

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Andrew said...

One question: what's that beautiful woman in the lovely blue/ green dress doing with that big dork in the suit?!?!