January 13, 2008

The Old Woman and the Sea

The game ended about 1 AM and most people headed to the Casino around the corner.  I, of course, was once again an old lady!  Seriously, I'm a 50 year old in a 28 year-old's body!!  It was bedtime!  Not only did I come back and go right to sleep, but I also slept till 10:30.  I like my sleep!!!  :)  
Upon waking this morning, though, I stood on my balcony for about 10 minutes,  The sky is overcast today and the weather is a bit cold (not like Boston, of course, but not 90 degrees either) 
The view is really incredible as the ocean and the sky are almost the same color.  The horizon is visible only because the ocean is constant in motion, while the sky, of course, doesn't move.  
The ocean is really interesting.  It is relatively calm until it is about 6 feet from the shore.  At that point, the sea seems to rise up like it's hungry and is preparing to take a huge bite out of the shore.  
The waves are HUGE!  They're apparently also very powerful.  They have knocked down a few of my classmates already!!  I haven't been down to the beach yet, but I'm definitely not going to head into the waves!  I'm so old, my hips would probably break!

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