January 12, 2008

Doggone Shame!

In Santiago, there are 40,000 stray dogs.  Here in Vina del Mar, there are also many strays.  Most look like they're a German Shepherd mix and all are way too skinny.  
One dog was precious.  He began to walk by and then stopped in front of the salon.  He then slowly stepped towards the door.  He caught my eye and tentatively walked over to me.  He had the most precious eyes (this side of the equator.  Copper has the most precious eyes in the world, of course!)
I didn't want to pet him since he was a stray, but I carefully touched the top of his head.  When I stopped, he immediately stuck his arm out as if to say "excuse me-- I'm still here!!"  
It's really awful that there are so many strays, but I'm happy to say this particular one (I named him Oso, which is Spanish for Bear) was well taken care of.  As soon as the technicians saw him, two immediately ran outside.  The first grabbed the water dish on the patio and refilled it for Oso.  The second went to her car and unloaded a huge bag of dog food which she then dumped on the ground for Oso to eat.  
He ate hungrily for about 5 minutes, drank some water and then sauntered off.  He actually left a good portion of the food on the ground, which is a good sign in my opinion.  If Oso weren't taken care of, even as a stray, then he'd have eaten every morsel.  Since he left some food, he must be fed on a regular basis, right?
Off to the beach now.  Ciao!

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