January 12, 2008

What a Vista!

Not that you can tell from this site, since there are no pictures (YET!) but we went on a tour of Valpariso today and the views were extraordinary.  We saw much of the city, and then had lunch at this lovely restaurant.  
It was a very heavy meal (the options were a seafood platter or carpacho for appetizers, tenderloin or lasagne with shrimp and scallops for the main course, and chocolate mousse or creme brulee for dessert.  
I got carpacho, tenderloin, and creme brulee.  Did you know carpacho is RAW???  EW!!  I am proud to say I ate two pieces.  It was a bit gross.  Like really moist roast beef.  Ew.
When we returned to the hotel, Nicole and I went to get pedicures.  Weird experience, only because the owner was kind of a bee-otch.  And, more than that, she had NO idea how to run a business!  She was trying to be the receptionist, cashier, nail tech, and owner all in one. It was annoying-- especially because she was working on MY feet!!  She kept getting up to go do something else.  For about 10 minutes, I sat there with two red toenails and 8 clear ones.  Ugh!
Tonight we're off to a bar to watch the Patriots.  Yay!!  

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Jessy said...

Hey I hope you bring Sherri and I back a slice or two!!!!